October 19, 2013

We DID IT...

Saturday, October 19th on Ocean Beach in San Francisco at NOON

Fukushima is Here

500 of us gathered to say: Fukushima radioactive contamination threatens life everywhere.

And it will for generations to come.

Public discussion has begun to address the threat we face in the massive amounts of radioactive contamination released into the air and leaking into the Pacific Ocean everyday from the reactors and spent fuel pools at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan.

This nuclear crisis is not over.

We are all connected by bodies of water and we are mostly made up of water. We have one globally connected ocean and each of us has one body. All life was born in this ocean. One ocean, one chance.

Please do what you can to help:
get informed, inform others, lobby for action, for testing, for understanding the world our children will live in.

THANK YOU!                  

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